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Chovatelská stanice španělských mastinů

About Us

Dogs have always been a part of our family (starting and St.Bernard, we have worked our way to the Mastin Espanol). No one had a clue that a Spanish Mastiff would become a part of our pack.

It was actually a coincidence. Coincidences, do they really happen? After a sad goodbye to our German Shepherd, our female dog St.Bernard became lonely in the pack. And since we felt sorry for her, it didn't take us long to start looking for another member to our family.

It was on a day in March when I found an advertisement on the Internet for beautiful pup‘s, looking more like teddy bears. I was so fascinated by them that I emailed Mrs. Katka Juskuvová from the kennel Ultra Maxima (I think it was on a Thursday) and on Saturday we found ourselves to be already driving to Děčín, feeling impatient and excited about this little puppy, our Montík. Montík was the only boy in the litter, therefore, the choice had been made. And then we began our life with a Mastin Espanol puppy.

And there is no need to tell you that life is beautiful, see for yourselves in our Gallery how we all have been living together. We don't only have a great friend in Montík, a guard, a cuddly pet, a thief, a gardener, but above all, he is a dog with a capital D and we do think he is the best dog of our lives.